Voting recap

I’m a pollworker, and I just finished wrapping up all the final processes for our precinct a few hours ago. A recap, partially covering some of the things Sean mentioned earlier.

– The turnout was amazing. We had nearly 50% of our precinct’s registered voters show up, which is probably 3x the norm for our area. If you count in all the absentees, it’d be much higher, probably closer to 55% +.

– We had a great system going with our pollworkers. We had people in and out the door quickly. Nobody had to wait in line more than 20 minutes.

– We had a few people come and ask to take photos. Nobody is supposed to do that inside the polling place unless they are taking photos of people with their permission, and they can’t interfere with anyone’s voting process. Talking to/filming/taking photos of people in line, with permission of course, was ok.

– People seemed surprised that there is no ID requirement. In California, if you are listed as an active voter and give a name and address that matches the one on the roster, you will be allowed to vote. If you’re a new voter or are doing a provisional ballot, you need to provide identification.

– Everyone was really nice to all of the pollworkers and thanked us a lot. You’re welcome, and thank you for voting!

3 thoughts on “Voting recap”

  1. Kat – you are an awesome woman!

    I still think that IDs should be ask for. I have to provide my ID when I’m at the Post Office with a lady who sees me every week. Someone could easily find out a name and an address. In Florida they asked for IDs – go figure!

  2. Thanks Caryn! I personally think that IDs should be required, for the reasons you cite. I was just explaining what the current requirements are.

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