Anti-Bush Graffiti in Hollywood


This little beauty is on the corner by my apartment at the corner of Franklin and Highland and was getting lots of honks when I was out taking this picture. Anyone else got any good anti-Bush graffiti showing up in their neck of the woods?

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  1. Man, that’s beautiful!

    Now cryogenically freeze me for the next four years, or it’s going to be constant nausea city for the duration.

  2. I also found it interesting the way the individual also painted the beetles on the sidewalk so if you’re walking with your head down (trying to ingnore the rest of the world) like I was , not even intending to look up, it draws your eye and definitely gets your attention!

  3. Well Ginger, I find it appalling that 50% of America is made up of total douchebags, but you get to forget about this entry when it scrolls off the page while I have to live with the repercussions of your opinion for four years.

    It takes quite a bit of nerve to come here and be “appalled” given the tone of the writing on your site. Apparently indignation is only okay when it’s coming from the right.

  4. I saw this when I was driving to work this morning! I called one of my friends near there to go take a picture of it. I even offered to pay him.

    It is difficult for me to say…I was pleased with this graffiti. As extreme as this site may have been at 7:30 am, it reminded me in my numb state after yesterday’s debacle that the fight will continue.

  5. 5000 – if it makes you feel better, all this Douchbaggery isn’t from 50% of America. Less than 50% are registered to vote, and less than 50% of those who are even bothered to show up. But yes, of those that did, we get to deal with that for years…

  6. Yeah, in this case, a vote for no one was a vote for Bush. Thanks, those of you who couldn’t be bothered. I’m pretty much as pissed off at you as I am with those of you who turned your states red.

    When voting is really about as easy as picking up a can of peas from the grocery store (and free), there’s no excuse. “That giant sucking sound” no longer applies to NAFTA. That’s the sound of our country being flushed down the crapper. If we haven’t gone bankrupt and stupid enough in a mere four years, think about what this administration can do in eight.

  7. 5000! — I guess I should have been more specific…if the graffiti had said “Bush can bite me” or something else negative, I would never have been bothered by it. It’s the use of the casual use of the swastika that is really offensive to me.

  8. Ginger, the swastika, before it was adopted by the Nazis, has been used throughout centuries past as a symbol of good luck. Perhaps the person that painted this really likes Bush and is looking forward to 4 more years of progress!

    I still don’t understand the bugs.

  9. Sean,

    Not only am I trully disapointed -ne BITTER- about the results but I also seriously worry about my beloved industry, the industry of flesh in motion, the pornography biz. Can you imagine John Ashcroft on the Supreme Court?


  10. I love the use of the swastika and think it’s utterly fucking appropriate. Open your eyes Ginger and go do some research on Hitler. It started exactly the same way over there. Fortunately for us we have term limits and a little more common sense but not much more.

  11. 5000! we’re hardly “the right.” we like to think of ourselves as confident, intelligent bushies who nonetheless would usually rather write about high heels or the O.C.. but thanks for the vote of confidence! we’ll let instapundit and the corner in on this little secret right away.

    unfortunately, if you read our site, you’d be hard-pressed to find any kerry=hitler propaganda, or any assertions that everyone we disagree with is a douchebag. hell, we have readers who wear birkenstocks and we certainly don’t treat them like we’re the sole recipients of the holy seal of fashion intellect. that would be in contrast to yourself and the people here who think they have a monopoly on brains.

    speaking of, jason, you should look into getting one of those. “it” started exactly the same way everywhere: someone got power… and if a always leads to b always leads to c always leads to d, then communism always ends in stalin and mao. try that liberal thorn on for size!

  12. Why is it that when people start talking politics it totally becomes volatile? There’s never sensible discussion – always “this is the way it is” and “get brains” and “blah blah blah”. It’s like insulting someone’s mom and I’m over it.

  13. Caryn,

    Let me submit that it might have something to do with the fact that this post started out in unabashed praise of the abuse of swastikas. Just in case you were sincere in that little episode of self-righteousness.

  14. Candace, I have read your site. That’s why I said what I said. If you choose to publish things like “Hey Dems, either relax or move to Canada like you keep promising to,” and “But leave it to the liberals to put words in our mouths! How sad that they still can’t get over 2000,” I think you should probably learn to be comfortable being referred to as “The Right.”

    I’ll concede on the name calling. I probably shouldn’t call all of those people douchebags. A lot of them just got duped. But I still believe that there is a different standard for “righteous indignation” for the left and right. The Republican party has spent 40 years building a media and intellectual infrastructure to make sure that’s the case. That’s why you feel comfortable calling CNN’s reporting “whining” and “bullshit” while condemning Jason for his anger. And by the way, for being so even-handed, you sure do a lot of mudslinging.

    And while we’re at it, your “liberal power leads to communism” analogy only holds up if you can honestly say that Kerry is to left what Bush is to the right, and you can’t. Maybe if we had elected Naom Chomsky and a new radical left majority in congress, you’d have a point. But as it is, it doesn’t fly.

    And seriously, “this post started out in unabashed praise of the abuse of swastikas?” That’s a little intellectually dishonest, don’t you think?

  15. Swastika or no swastika, I suspect that whatever anti-Bush message had been painted on that wall would have served as a poignant salve for our collective post-election bitterness. This just happened to have a swastika. That’s really about the extent of it.

  16. Above, Jason calls on me to do a little research. Sure, one could state that Hitler started out as a shy art student, and go on from there. That’s irrelevant to me. I just think that the use of the swastika, related to anything or anyone, knowing the horrible history that it represents, is violently disrespectful to Jews because it is so closely tied to the atrocities that were committed against them. And the fact that it was tied to Bush just bothered me that much more because of all the over-the-top hate that is being spewed of late.

    And 5000!, I’m very glad that you conceded on your name calling. I’m all for the use of the word “douchebag,” I just think it’s better used in sentences such as the following example: “Why is Rebecca Romijn dating that douchebag Jerry O’Connell?” See, that’s works much better. In a political debate, however, it just cheapens your own argument.

  17. “Douchebaggery” might be the greatest word ever used. I wish I had a t-shirt that just said “Douchebaggery” on the front. Cafe Press here I come.

  18. That’s so weird. I just purchased a ginger-scented douchebag. But only to deflect the overpowering aroma of a bullshit-scented presidency.

  19. 5000! Do you read these comments? I’m not sure I’m the only intellectually dishonest one.

    But you’re right, the fact that I even bothered with you nutcases instead of turning to real debate is a case of my intellectual dishonesty. It’s a sin I make a point of not committing, which is why I’ll quit wasting my time with you and head back to where the sane liberals live.

    Have fun in LA and we’ll see you up here in the PNW when you start aging.

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