1950’s game show What’s My Line? live on stage at ACME tonight

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, and you’re in Los Angeles, come on down to the ACME Comedy Theatre!

I’m a panelist in a live stage version of the classic 1950’s gameshow “What’s My Line?”

It’s going to be incredibly fun. We’re doing it in a 1950’s style, so we’ll all be in vintage suits, and talking just the way they did back when Television gave you cancer if you sat too close to the set.

For all the details, head over to my pal J. Keith vanStraaten’s site.

Print out this entry, show it at the Box Office, and you’ll get 2-for-1 tickets!

The show starts at 8pm. There’s a restaurant and bar right next door (and it’s good, too) so you can make an evening of it! Conservatives can celebrate their victory, and Liberals can join me at the bar for about eighteen hours.

One thought on “1950’s game show What’s My Line? live on stage at ACME tonight”

  1. Wil – good to see you here –

    I’m in San Diego so if you have any info on events you’ll be doing down here, with MAYBE ONE FULL DAY’S NOTICE,,, I’m in. :0)

    Do you have a mailing list or just keep checking here/wwdn ??

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