Holy Crap, I Voted


Something very rare happened this morning…I got up early with no problem. I popped out of bed and into the shower to get ready to do the thing I have been waiting for four years…VOTE.

It’s my first time voting in California (my last being in Chicago) and overall it was a pleasant experience. I voted in Silver Lake and most everyone was ultra friendly – one woman even gave the head volunteer $20 so that he could get coffee and breakfast for the other volunteers. The voting booths weren’t really private (I like the curtains drawn, Wizard of Oz style) but the ballot itself was simple: put the ballot in, make a mark with your pencil, and hope that nothing messes up.

Turnout seemed to be really high. The line was to the sidewalk when I arrived but by the time I left, it was starting to go up the block. People who have lived in the neighborhood for years say that this is the most people they’ve ever seen. I might have mis-understood, but I remember hearing one of the volunteers saying that they already had more people than they had been expecting and that they now think voter turnout will be 80%. Regardless of who you are voting for, that’s fabulous.

I like voting in person – it’s an incredible experience to have. I don’t think I’ll ever mail in a ballot. You don’t get that cool “I Voted” sticker.

Update: apparently my area isn’t the only one with high voter turnout. This morning LA Voice talks about their polling place and asks you about yours. One things for sure, we aren’t apathetic today!

5 thoughts on “Holy Crap, I Voted”

  1. I was surprised how not crowded my polling place was. Then again, it was only about 8:15. Aside from me, it was all Filipino seniors including the women that were running the check-in. I’m glad I checked in early, though. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a mess in a few hours. Also, I was glad to see that they checked my ID. Delmy voted via touch-screen yesterday and they never checked her ID. Boo.

  2. Nobody checked my ID in Toluca Lake this morning. I got there about 7:20 and waited in line for just over an hour. I felt like an idiot because I had to ask for instructions on how to use the inking tool. I guess I wasn’t awake enough to figure it out on my own. The last time I voted was in New York, where we had actual voting booths with a privacy curtain and lots of little levers.

  3. Try Voting in skid row.

    There are so many different precints it can drive you nuts. YOu are lucky to even find your polling place. There are no instructons at the door and the polling places don’t even have the srtreet indexes near the door like they are supposed to. Then you have to deal with social service providers at these plling places who cna be very disrespectful. Every Year it is like this they move the polling places here and tell you where they are at the last minute, the only thing you can do is go to the place you voted the year before and hope someone can tell you where to vote. Not to mention this afternoon there was apoll worker at the Union Rescue Mission who couldn’t understand what you were saying and then haad the gaul to tell me he couldn’t understand my accent. I don’t have an accent!!!!!

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