Although I’m certain that the residents of Overland between Olympic and Pico fought long and hard to have a traffic-slowing stop sign installed midway between the two major East/West traffic routes, I can’t help but feel that the conspiracy to slow me down is continuing. First it was the major re-piping of the sewage system under Olympic Boulevard near La Brea, then it was the overhaul to the intersection of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica, and now this. Don’t they know that Overland is a crucial shortcut to the 10 Freeway for me? Also, what exactly are they doing at Santa Monica and Beverly Glen? Every time I drive through that area I am routed and corraled into a strange new lane as they tear out the old asphalt and dividers in preparation for the new. What that new configuration will be is anyone’s guess. I guess we’re lucky that we don’t have something like Boston’s “Big Dig” fiasco to contend with, but like everything else in this city, the construction here in LA is sprawling, extensive and never-ending.

Plus, they keep cutting into my shortcuts.

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  1. Wow. Poor Shane. He has places to go — but he’s paranoid. There’s no conspiracy at Overland, just a hundred families on a 30 foot wide local-sized street who finally got sick of people like Shane driving 60 MPH.

    Oh, yeah, Shane — residents got together because some young hip commuter in a young hip car speeding on a Saturday afternoon turned a family’s father into hamburger. I met her. I bet she wishes she wouldn’t have been going 60 through that intersection.

    The city didn’t want to make the intersection safe, but the residents called and wrote and eventually enough went down to testify at city hall that the city agreed with them. Or maybe it was the 15 injury accidents in the last 9 months that convinced them. I guess that’s a conspiracy, but some would call it democracy in action. Sorry Shane, you have to stop. You want wide open spaces, move to Texas.

    I’m hoping Shane’s tongue is firmly in his cheek (since he works for ‘reality’ TV) but I think he’s just another of the ‘cut thru’ people who blow through the neighborhood as fast as they can.

    Did we want to slow him down? Damn right. Do we want him to find another way to the freeway? Nope. He’s welcome to drive down our street, but now, poor Shane it will take a minute more to get from Olympic to Pico, and our friends will be able to cross the street while you stop at the intersection, just like you had to do on EVERY other intersection of this ‘crucial shortcut to the freeway.’

    Poor Shane.

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