Dog Park Tonight!


What do you get when you put two Jack Rusell Terriers, one French Bulldog, two Minpins, one Boston Terrier, a Pug, and a few mutts in one area? One hell of a good time, that’s what!

Just got back from taking the “LA Pinschers” (that’s Quint and Lebowski) to the Silver Lake dog park. And let me just tell you that they are now fast asleep in their little beds thus giving me a much needed evening of peace and quiet.

Ahhhh, children.

2 thoughts on “Dog Park Tonight!”

  1. be careful of that dog park – my puppy got attacked there. in the evenings the park is usually filled with tons of big dogs and a scary pack mentality often develops. this unfriendly dog attacked my 5 month lab puppy out of the blue, monched on his face and left him bloody and terrified.

    maybe the “small dog” side is better, though…

    what other good dog parks are there? i’ve tried griffith park (better dogs, but an unpleasant space), and beachwood (gorgeous space, lovely dogs, but if you get caught off leash you get a ticket)

  2. The “kiddie pool” – as I like to call it – at Silver Lake dog park is totally fine. Sometimes there is an agressive little pooch but the owners are really on top of them and the space isn’t so big that you can moniter every situation. The big dog park side scares me a little. I always hear grumblings and growlings. It stinks because Lebowski LOVES big dogs but I would never take him to the big side.

    I don’t know about other dog parks – SLDP is in my neighborhood. I don’t know why anyone would take a dog to a dog park where they have to be on-leash. Isn’t that just a walk? I went to a private community dog park in Pacific Palisades. That was AWESOME.

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