It’s Official. Everyone on whole damn planet has a cell phone.

OK, 20 minutes ago I was walking into Gelsons when a scruffy looking guy who was sitting on the curb outside talking on a cell phone told the person he was talking to to please hold on a second and then proceeded to ask me if I had any spare change. For what? His roaming minutes? WTF?

5 thoughts on “It’s Official. Everyone on whole damn planet has a cell phone.”

  1. I was in Ralphs and saw someone paying for their groceries with foodstamps, then pull out their cell phone on the way out.

  2. when you’re homeless, you don’t have a home phone. that makes it very difficult to manage the world – not to mention calling potential employers and landlords. so cell phones make a lot of sense. they are really cheap these days, you know. i am a social worker with homeless folks and about half of them have a cell phone. they don’t often pay the bill, but for a while, they manage to hold on to one.

  3. So if you’re homeless and you have a cell phone…where does the carrier send the bill and how do they pay the bill?

  4. I believe you can purchase cell phones that have X number of minutes of talk time associated with them, without having to open an account. Once you run out, you pay more $ for more minutes.

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