Welcome to Los Santos

Best moment so far watching my stepson Hans play GTA: San Andreas? Him, needing to get across town, driving half-lost through some unknown, sketchy neighborhood, saying “I gotta find a freeway.”

Just like the real thing. Yep, welcome to Los Santos*. :)

(* for those unfamiliar, Los Santos is a fascimile L.A.)

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Los Santos”

  1. We got ours at Target, where they seemingly had plenty of copies. Also got the strategy guide, which is just about the size of the old-school Monster Manual. ;)

  2. Of course, NaNoWriMo is starting on Monday.

    Curse my lack of clones! Curse curse curse!

    Hmm… maybe a 50,000-word GTA fanfic would work… ;)

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