Vegged Out

Some might say the aftermath of this wreck on the 5 Freeway South at the Glendale Boulevard Bridge gives new meaning to the term “roadside vegetable stand” while most commuters will call the clean-up effort by a far more ominous name: Sigalert.


Not sure of the how and the why, but as I rolled north slowly past this totaled 18-wheeler with its crushed cab and its cargo box torn open like the world’s largest sardine can, I said a prayer for the rig’s driver and sent out some extra hope that the rest of us on this rain-slicked day will take a little heed along with a little foot off the gas.

One thought on “Vegged Out”

  1. There was another accident on the 5 South, just a bit more North — another 18 wheeler (I think) rear ended a mustang! Doubled my commute time!

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