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Mike Outmesguine has this scoop over at The Wireless Weblog – Mayor Hahn has a panel of bigwigs putting together a plan for us LA types with laptops to get our wi-fi on city-wide.

îI want Los Angeles to remain at the leading edge of innovation and creativity,î Mayor Hahn said. ìWe need wireless access to the Internet everywhere in the city ñ not just in select locations. I believe that Wi-Fi and ënext generationí technologies will help us bridge the digital divide.î

More can be found in this press release.

6 thoughts on “Wireless LA”

  1. I’m very curious to see where they go with this. The press release mentions the upcoming Pershing Square wifi, and I’d point to my post talking about the problems I have with that, but, well — things will be back soon.

    In a nutshell, if Los Angeles approaches wifi service as a contract to be bidded out to some company who’s going to offer a stripped-down free service and charge for other stuff, I think that would be a real shame.

    It’s always about the money, but when’s the internet going to get treated as a basic utility?


  2. Sorry Mack – I was on a plane that day and missed your posts about it. Also, sorry if I implied that this was some kind of secret info that no one knew about yet, it’s listed on the city’s site so I figured it was out there and ment “scoop” only as info, not exclusive. Anyway, Mike is actually _on_ the panel so I’m looking forward to more news on this whole thing soon, regardless of the source. ;)

  3. No offense taken at all! Scoop is one of those Pavlovian words for us former inkstained wretches. Sorry to seem like I was jumpin’ on ya.

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