The Price is Right

Come on down! I’m waiting in line for The Price is Right. I’ll be driving… MY OLD CAR to the front door at six in the morning. Apparently, this is a very popular game show? I remember watching Bob Barker when I was a kid – and we’re finally getting a chance to see him on stage tomorrow. Chance, as in – we may not make it through the door. With the rain, we’re hoping that few will turn out to possibly play Plinko. Who knows?

2 thoughts on “The Price is Right”

  1. I used to work as a page at CBS long ago. One guaranteed way to get on contestant’s row (for the ladies) is to wear a very tight fitting top. Barker loves that and his producer’s (who you will meet in a short interview)almost always gave them the OK. It was a joke amongst us pages cuz we could practically always pick out those who would make it through…

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