Godzilla Gets His Due – and a Star


My favorite hero Godzilla is coming to Los Angeles this November 29 to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s about damn time…he’s only been in movies dating back 50 years! That poor thing, he sure can never catch a break. Let’s hope Gamera doesn’t come and screw it all up for him.

His new flick, number 28 if you’re counting, is Godzilla’s Final Wars that will be released on December 4. It is said that this movie features “More than 10 monsters which colored the series as well as the newly improved King of the Monsters “Godzilla” will appear in the film and show us the movements and terrors that we have never seen.” The story is as follows:

Paris, New York, Sydney, Shanghai… More than 10 monsters appear in the world at once. The United Nations wages final wars against the monsters combining the power of all the Earth Defense Force to save mankind. However, people are panicked by the enormous power of the monsters and the forces take the defensive.

While the intense fighting continues all over the world, suddenly, an enormous flying object appears and extinguishes the monsters with a beam in a matter of seconds. And then, aliens who call themselves “Xiliens” propose a peace treaty with the Earth…

Meanwhile Godzilla is sleeping calmly in Antarctic ice at that time…

Leaping lizards!

7 thoughts on “Godzilla Gets His Due – and a Star”

  1. I’M THERE………who’s with me. i can’t wait to get my picture taken with him.

    ummmmm. let me re think that…………….

  2. Yeah, even with the best of intentions, Godzilla stills seems to smash people, buildings, cars, electric poles, babies, and anything else that gets in the way. It’s his size, god love ’em!

  3. hey this is cool, fianlly someone gets me the information I need.

    They are saying this is the last godzilla movie. I will be there to see godzilla get his star on the walk of fame.

  4. HAHAHAHA! That html title is the best “Godzilla Gets H”.

    “H” in Japanese (pronounced “etchi”) means “sex”. …Godzilla gets laid!…

    Unintentional I’m sure, but still damn funny.

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