After hours…

Change your name why don’t you. Everyone else does it here. Chaim witz becomes gene simmons, Jennifer annistopoulou becomes jennifer anniston, Lesane crooks was tupac shakur and the night stalker was richard ramirez. Some people want to start new lives, some want to escape old ones.

It had been several months since I spent some time with yoko. Thats not even her real name. Hell, she isn’t even japanese or 25 years old but her customers seem to like that. Me, I don’t care, we get along and “yoko” and I had already dispensed of the faux formalities long ago. Thats what happens when people look past the sex and actually spend some time talking. Oh sure, she could be making her other life up too but we spent platonic time outside the confines of this small cozy room disguised as a patients quarter’s so its’ pretty much the truth…I think.

I don’t know if “yoko” changed her name for good or evil. I guess it depends on what side of the law you’re on. Its doubtful that yoko will ever get famous or that she even wants to be. But for 45 minutes of the day, she and I pretend to be the best of friends. And sometimes we’re both close to believing it.

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  1. Richard Ramirez was the “Night Stalker.” The Hillside Strangler(s) were Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono.

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