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Does anybody know of a great place to buy flowers? You know, those little market-type places where they are hella cheaper than FTD and have a good variety? Our artists got flowers for our last opening and, now that they’ve died, I’m thinking the gallery needs a little flower in its life. Although, because they die, I have no interest in shelling out mucho bucks either.


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  1. Hey Caryn,

    You can’t do better and cheaper than the Los Angeles Flower Mart at Wall Street and 7th downtown. There’s more than 50 vendors who sell every kind of fleur imaginable. Let’s put it this way. The corner florists who’ll charge you bookoo bucks for that quaint little spring bookay? They probably bought the flora that morning at the Flower Mart. There’s a $1 admission fee on Saturdays; $2 Monday through Friday and it’s closed most Sundays. Public hours are something like 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  2. Thanks Will! I knew there was something like that but in my obsessed-with-dogs-slash-owning-my-own-business I didn’t know where to look!

    Fresh flowers LOOK OUT!

  3. The flower mart is awesome but can be pretty daunting and fairly picked over by mid-morning. Local farmers markets have become great fresh flower sources. Silver Lake farmers market by Maltman & Sunset on Saturdays has a couple good vendors, and of course Hollywood Ivar market on Sunday has an amazing selection. Best to get there by 10 or so if you want to ensure the good offerings and spry ones before the heat sets in.

  4. Aha, Silver Lake farmers is right around the corner from me which will make me getting there early enough to snag the good flowers all the easier.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. if you’re in the neighborhood, there’s a stand on beverly & crescent heights (kitty corner from dwr) that’s good and pretty reasonable–$1-1.50 for most stems. he’s open till 9p!

  6. I like two flower shops: Fountain and Sunset and this little stand in the mini-mall parking lot at Sunset and HObart, north side of the street.

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