Mani’s and other LA Veggie Goodies


LA is a town full of good vegan options being home to RealFoodDaily, Native Foods, and even a Vegan Toyko Teriyaki around the corner from the gallery. But dig a little closer (i.e. use the magical powers of Google) and you’ll discover so much more! For instance, Mani’s Bakery in Los Angeles has a slew of vegan treats – everything from cupcakes (!) to turnovers to pies to truffles (!!). And they also work with a variety of other “special” diets such as wheat free and sugar free. Who knew? Ok maybe a lot of you did, but if that’s the case, I’m pissed you didn’t clue me in!

In addition, I also found the Los Angeles Vegetarian Yellow Pages. Sounds lame I know, but they have some great/yummy stuff on there.

5 thoughts on “Mani’s and other LA Veggie Goodies”

  1. good to know! thanks.

    I’m not vegan (just a plain old vegetarian) but I like to eat vegan food. Trader Joe’s has these amazing vegan chocolate chip cookies and trail mix cookies in their bread section. Also, I once tried the vegan chocolate cake at Urth Cafe and it was mighty delicious, but not sure if they still have it…

  2. Vegan food and fodder are the same. If you’re tastebuds have been destroyed, I guess it must be “yummy”.

  3. I love how people assume if you take out one ingredient all the flavor goes with it. Yep, chocolate cake must taste like shit if you use one teaspoon of vegtable margrine rather than butter. All the cocco and sugar are rendered bland by the substitution.

  4. FYI Prasadam on Sunset (near Tacos Delta and Floyd’s) is now offering tons of vegan options. Gregory and I eat there at least once a week, sometimes two or three times!

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