fixing the blogroll

I’ve had this on my todo list for months and haven’t gotten around to it but decided by god I need to fix our damn blog roll. If you are in LA and have a link to us and aren’t on our blogroll, please post a link to your site in the comments and I’ll get you added very shortly. Thanks a bazillion.

Likewise, if anyone has an OPML file of LA sites they want to send me, I’ll include that as well.

11 thoughts on “fixing the blogroll”

  1. I think Jonah has a pretty good list of LA sites over at… oh wait, that’s a whole site.

    Don’t you think the market’s pretty well covered? Just grab the LA Blogs OPML, limit display to the 30 newest or so, and go. Let’s not duplicate work here.


  2. Update-

    LA Blogs – was / is on there.
    Will – added
    E – added
    Boi – old URL changed to new URL
    Fiffe – added
    Heather – old URL changed to new URL
    Opera – added.

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