Please Bring the Cat in the House

coyote.jpgYou cat may not be as safe as you think it is in broad daylight.

I took this yesterday morning on my street. This fellow (I think it was a guy) was hanging out on my street, not at all dissuaded from his loops around the street by people coming and going. Though I didn’t see anyone walking their dogs for the twenty minutes I saw him out there. Of course I wasn’t going to walk my dog at that time.

8 thoughts on “Please Bring the Cat in the House”

  1. And I thought I was the only who’d seen these kind of kitties here in the city…
    As I come home from work at 3am on Friday nights, I always see “him.” Dude doesn’t even care that I walk by him. He just stands there and looks at me.

  2. That fine specimen of Canis latrans looks like a juvenile, perhaps an offspring from the pair that I saw padding past your house last time I house-sat for you? The timing’s right as they usually detach from their parents in late summer and begin kicking it solo.

    In addition to bringing pets inside, be sure to eliminate or secure any sources they can scavenge for food such as garbage cans, barbecue grills, compost piles, and such. Get rid of water sources as well. It can’t hurt to remove fallen fruit from your yard, and eliminating or minimizing opportunities for rodents to breed on your property is a good precaution to take as well. Removing stands of brush or overgrown ground cover helps, too.

    Also, if you feed your pets outside, be sure to pick up their food and water dishes and any spilled food as soon as they’re done eating.

    Last but not least, if you see coyotes, show them the unwelcome mat vocally and physically. Shouting and waving your arms can go a long way in driving the mostly reclusive coyote to seek quieter digs.

  3. there was one hanging out by our steps last night when we got home around 10:30 or so. Just stood there till we almost hit him with the car and then took off up the hill. Cat hunting for sure…

  4. show the coyotes some respect. they are getting squeezed out and are looking for food & water.

    definitely do not feed them or encourage them to hang near people but dont begrudge them either!

  5. No one’s “bregrudging” the coyotes but you do need to watch out for them. I’ve seen cat paws on my street and while this is natural for the coyote, I certainly don’t want to put my little pooches in harms way. And these coyotes are doing just fine – we live in a woodsy enough area that they will be a-ok…along with the Silver Lake skunks and opossums!

  6. I almost had a heart attack when I spotted a coyote in the middle of my street WHILE I was trying to catch my next door neighbor’s escaped 10-week-old kitten. No joke. Thank goodness the new little guy is quick…Until the day my weird neighbor gets her shit together and makes sure he stays in, I fear that I’ll see the spoils of a coyote kitty feast.

    Even if they’re not exactly a threat to us humans, those howls at night in the 90068 can be nearly blood-curdling. They’re in their natural habitat alright, unlike some of the big animals who are considered an unwelcome menace. I feel so bad for the big cats who are displaced by new horrible developments in places like Aguoura etc.

  7. A fire truck went by on SLBlvd last night and all the dogs in the neighborhood howled. And the coyotes yipped, and kept on yipping for quite a while after the sirens were gone.

  8. I saw two coyotes crossing Sunset at Bates the other day at 6:15am. Not a care in the world about the traffic.

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