Reach Out and Complain About Someone

When I bought my house, somebody from my real estate agency provided me with this list of useful community phone numbers that I printed out and hung on my fridge. I’ve already used it to have tags painted out and junk picked up from my neighborhood and to replace the garbage bins that my neighbors apparently stole at some point. Having found it to be so useful, I thought I’d pass on the good word:

-Police Non-Emegency: (213) 485-2563
-Central Traffic Complaint Unit: (213) 485-3122
-Rampart Community Relations: (213) 485-4080
-Trash Pick/Bulky Item Pick-up: (800) 773-2489
-Street Cleaning, Tree Trimming, Lots Filled With Junk, Junk on Street: (213) 473-8410
-Street Lighting Repair: (800) 303-5267
-Dead Animals: (800) 773-2489
-Abandoned Cars: (800) 222-6366
-Loose, Stray Animals: (888) 452-7381
-Wild Birds: (310) 378-9921
-Lost or Broken Garbage Bins: (800) 773-CITY
-Gross Polluter Hotline: (800) 288-7664
-Graffiti Removal Hotline: (800) 611-2489
-Grafffiti Removal: (323) 667-0846 – Phone Craig Gilmore with the exact locations for Silverlake
-Graffiti Removal Hotline (County): (800) 675-4357
-LAPD Noise Abatement: (213) 473-7840
-Parking Enforcement: (213) 485-4184
-Brush Clearance: (818) 756-8022
-Pothole Repair: (800) 966-CITY
-Rampart Station: (213) 485-4062

It’s probably mostly useful for people on the East Side, but some of it is more broadly applicable. Also, some of these actually route you to the City of LA’s 3-1-1 service, which is very cool and useful and is also available online. And, yeah, I know there are some duplicates and whatever. I’m too lazy to clean it up any more than I have. Actually, if you know of any others or any of these that should be fixed, stick ’em in the comments and maybe I’ll put up a revised and improved list. Special props to Bill for his earlier, motivating post.

7 thoughts on “Reach Out and Complain About Someone”

  1. Great info. A word to anyone who calls the graffiti removal hotline: keep on ’em. It took me 2 months of weekly calls to get them out. Once they did, however, they did a great job.

  2. 311 will actually cover all of these, and is really good–24/7 in whatever language you need. As for graffiti, if it is in the Silver Lake area, become an UNTAG ( block captain. We’re actually taking this anti-graffiti program citywide, but for prioritized paint-outs in Hollywood/Silver Lake/Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown/Atwater Village/Glassell Park, it is already in place. Call Shane Goldsmith at 323 913 4693 for more info.

    Eric Garcetti

  3. In the case of Jake Dobkin, since the city discontinued its Jackass pick-up service, what do you think: Gross Polluter Hotline or Loose, Stray Animals?

  4. you rock. there’s been a futon mattress on the lawn between the sidewalk and the curb on my street for like 3 weeks. i can’t believe it’s still there. i thought about researching the contact info for the city agency that handles “large item pickups” but i’ve been too lazy and forgetful. THANK YOU!

  5. Thanks for the insight, Mr. Garcetti. As a newly transplanted resident of Historic Philipinotown, it’s nice to live somewhere where it feels like my councilman actually cares about his district.

    T, I’m glad I could help. It’s a pretty satisfying feeling to call the city and have them do something for you. I never realized that there were so many city services available. Your tax dollars at work!

    Now I just need to figure out who to call to complain about hookers and their johns parking on my street corner and leaving condoms in the gutter.

  6. 5000 – for the hookers, walking out to the car with a flashlite and a cordless phone a few times and shineing it in the windows and on the license plate seems to do the trick. At least it worked by our house.

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