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Victoria Chiarello gives some affordable and easy-access parking tips on today’s desire Los Angeles. It’s a subject I find to be really crucial wherever you live – hell, parking is one of the reasons why I left Chicago! I find that there are plenty of parking options in LA and even if there aren’t, valet is super cheap here. I’m still giddy when it only costs $4 to valet…FOUR DOLLARS! Here are some of my own suggestions…

– Melrose/Fairfax: the Grove is around $2 to park for a few hours and the Beverly Center is $1 for the same. (Side note: Glendale Galleria is free, free, free).

– Downtown: downtown can be tricky but here’s what I’ve learned…there is street parking, you just have to find it. $5 to park in an attended lot so you don’t have to drive around is worth it. Valet parking at the Biltmore for the bar is only $3. If all that fails, just go visit sixspace – there’s plenty of parking there.

-Beverly Hills: I hear that the valet at Neiman Marcus is affordable – and if you treat them right (as one of my friends did) they comp you. Oh yeah.

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