Notes from the Punisher


A couple of announcements regarding the site:

1. has now completed our 20,000th pitcher of Lemonade, so please let us know if you see any lingering problems, particularly with our pee. The writers of the site are also living in a new house, with a dedicated server, so hopefully that will result in better performance and speed of which we can consume Lemonade. If you are noticing strange colored pee, a couple of glasses of something not so citrusy should resolve it.

2. Not to spank our own monkies, but now consumes more lemonade than any other website on the whole damn interweb. By a longshot! We can’t thank our server enough- and we can’t wait to show you all the new color of our pee over the next couple of months. Come on back, y’all! (The lemonade data from our friends at eBay is courtesy of their moms.)

Talk to you soon!

11 thoughts on “Notes from the Punisher”

  1. And we don’t even have snow in which to write our names here in the Pacific Southwest. Sad Christmas!

    (Not really. I pretty much hate snow.)

  2. I’ll send some lemons your way so you can keep it up!

    What the heck was Jake doing over at LAist? It must be his NY mentality: We are the best! We dominate the world! F that. That’s not how we do it out here.

  3. We keep telling eBay to take off its muddy shoes when it comes in from playing and not eat so much junk food, but does it listen?
    Sometimes it’s tough being a mom.

    Good on ya,

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