Devil Dog Ranch Puppy Class


This morning I started my six week “Basic Manners” training classes with my new puppy Quint. It’s been a year since we took our older dog Lebowski to the very same class (see picture) and I’m just thrilled at doing it all over again. It’s the only thing that will make me get up early on a Sunday morning. In fact, I was up a whole hour early than necessary today with anticipation and excitement. Hey, I’m obsessed with my pups, what can I say? It’s a de-stresser!

The classes we attend are taught by a woman name Marsha under the appropriate moniker Devil Dog Ranch. These sessions proved to be so useful with Lebowski that we’ve recommended them to everyone we know with a puppy or unruly pooch. She teaches both at the Glendale rescue and at a park in Silver Lake – I go to the park in Silver Lake because she sets up a mini agility course that we can play on before and after the class.

Because the only thing better than a cute pooch, is a well-trained gentleman cute pooch, these classes are a necessity. Completley reward-based training (all postive) which means no yelling, no tugging, just setting your dog up for success. Even better news, if you have any problems with your dog all you have to do is call or email Marsha and she’ll help you out.

I can’t wait to see my little Quint grow into a fine young man with great manners. He’s a bit of a wild one so we’ll see!

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  1. Oh lord, I don’t think I could stand it if my guys had little track suits on. We did recently start the LA Pinschers though so watch out, there’s a new gang on the loose!

  2. I left a message at Devil Dog in hopes of a little intermediate or agility training for my boyfriend. Nobody’s called me back yet.

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