Ridge Route

Today’s feature article on the front page of Wikipedia is about the Ridge Route:

The Ridge Route was California’s first highway linking the Los Angeles Basin with the San Joaquin Valley; it was particularly used to travel from the city of Los Angeles to Bakersfield. Its official name was the Castaic-Tejon Route.

The article covers quite a bit of interesting history of the route and includes directions on how to get there today. Any directions that include the line “…disregard the yellow and black advisory sign which says ‘not a through road…'” can’t be all bad. Not to mention:

Though a great deal of the route had been daylighted (widened) and paved in asphalt by the mid-1920s, much of the 1919 concrete pavement remains intact. In some areas, Model T tire tracks can still be seen, left decades ago in the still-soft concrete.

3 thoughts on “Ridge Route”

  1. Driving the old Ridge Route is great and a superb jumping off place for side trips onto surprisingly riparian dirt roads. The superb Backroad Adventures:Southern California covers lots of these cool trips. Surprisingly close ‘pull of the road anywhere camping’. Also, the Ridge Route is one of the best, darkest places to see the night sky in So Cal.

    Make it a complete day with a trip to the extremely cool Lake Hughes Inn (now, unfortunately named Harley’s Rock Inn.) The art deco oak barstools are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you can ignore the preponderence of cheap ass repro tin Harley signs and framed Easy Rider photos that look like they were framed and hung by a blind, drunk carpenter, you can have an excellent burger in a true old road house.

    I weep, that picture of the tie dye gift store inside such a magnificent 20’s river rock historic inn. They have the authentic thing and then dress it up like a $10 Disneyland. And that logo. Jesus.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that the “Harley’s” is being dropped from the Harley’s Rock Inn. Harley doesn’t own it anymore! And you can kiss the “logo” goodbye, as well as the sign. It no longer hangs!

    And, their website is about to undergo a complete make-over.

    Right now, as I blog this, the Lake Hughes and Lake Elizabeth areas are having one of the best wildflower seasons yet. (Don’t waste your time going out to Lancaster to see the poppies. Disappointing this year) So, if you want to see the real stuff, coming and going into the Lake Hughes area leaves an indelible reflection of the beauty of this area. A definite must-see, as Mister Jalopy states.

    Whether on bike, on foot, in a car or on a Harley, the atmosphere is all about fun, family, the people and attitude along one of nature’s scenic routes at a historic landmark.

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