Everyone’s Gotta Dive Sometime

tape.jpgOnly minutes in from walking my dog by the light of the full moon and just seconds away from powering down for the evening and suddenly a block away on Silver Lake Boulevard south of Sunset just erupted in a hail of gunfire รณ somewhere near 20 rounds from two different caliber weapons over a span of time that seemed like an endless 15 hours seconds. I pulled a Shocknek* and hit the hardwood. I’ve never dove for cover in my life until tonight.

Scant moments and a 911 call later (“Do you hear anyone screaming, sir?”) and the eerie silence and lack of converging sirens make me wonder if the gun battle was all in my head or, if not, what I might find when I dare walk the dog in the morning.

* When the 1987 Whittier quake struck, then-KNBC news anchorman Kent Shocknek was on the air and jumped under the desk where he continued broadcasting.

Update (11:22 p.m.): 46 minutes after the shots, here come the sirens. Now more sirens. And a helicopter. Guess I can get up off the floor now. Sleep won’t be for awhile though.

Update (07:30 a.m.): Here’s what I found in the morning at the apartment building on the east side of Silver Lake Boulevard at Ellet Place just south of the Sunset Boulevard overpass. As the crow flies its about 500 feet from where I was sitting.

Surprise! It’s gang related. My guess is bangers from SL caught the C35ers and opened up on them. No blood, but one small caliber bullet hole at an extreme angle is indicated by the arrow.


This bullet hole from a much bigger gun is in the stucco wall of the building about 15 feet north of the garage door. Fortunately on the other side is storage space and not someone’s apartment.


11 thoughts on “Everyone’s Gotta Dive Sometime”

  1. there’s been a LOT of gang activity in that area lately, not sure if you’re aware… i always hear if you’re not a fellow gangster you’re safe, unless you get caught by a stray bullet. about 3 weeks ago there was a drive by murder at that Tom’s burger place up on sunset /silverlake. also, a couple of killings back around vendome/parkman.


  2. Well-written post Will. The title alone is brilliant. It catches that “Good Lord, in-my-own-back-yard” angst without going batty. Stay safe, and more impostantly, don’t let it spook you too long.


  3. ok that sounds dumb, obviously you’re aware, or at least you are now, huh? just saying, it’s been an escalating problem, from what i’ve been seeing.

  4. i live on the corner of parkman and silverlake and i too hit the hardwood floor! my windows were open and when i heard the shoot out it sounded hella close..

    the last shoot out was right behind my apartment building and now in front. guns shots and helicopter noise is super common but when its right in your immediate area you start thinking of when you are able to move out. and yeah it did take a long ass time for the cops to arrive. I guess it takes shooting at a undercover officer for a prompt response.

  5. Thanks, Jacky. I’m doing my best to fly below the radar.

    And Lu, you’re very right that tensions have been escalating in the area. Mostly it’s been showing up in the form of sometimes nightly taggings (followed by daily paint-outs) up and down SL Blvd., and I do very well remember the drive-by killing in Tom’s parking lot several weeks ago. My guess is there’s more bullets and blood to come. Especially if police response to a 911 shots-fired call is 40-plus minutes.

  6. i’m up the street at sunset junction and it’s amazing how much difference a few blocks makes. i’m living in mayberry, u.s.a., compared to you. and to top it off, rent’s going up-up-up where you are every day too (oh, sweet irony!)

  7. You got that right, Lu. I moved here at the end of July after the previous 16 months spent 1.2 miles west in that nether zone south of the Junction, near the convergence of Myra/Hoover/Santa Monica Blvd. The place was the very definition of “sketchy” but was veritably peaceful compared to this “better place” I’m now at. Make no mistake, I love it here, and the current spike in felonious activity hasn’t changed my feelings. It’s just made me remember you can’t judge a neighborhood by the number of bodies that fall on it. Or maybe there is some sort of freak unspoken correlation between bullet count and rent amount.

  8. So “Mark” drinks deep from the intellectual trough and spits out: “And Silverlake is supposed to be a good neighborhood to live in? Get real people.”

    Oh yeah, I remember this “Mark.” This “contributor” to the dialogue is the same “learn to fucking surf” dunderpuff who in hamfisted “you all suck” comments responding to a post a couple months back looking for ideas about how tourists should spend a day in L.A., made the idea of catching waves almost as unappealing as the thought of him being a posterboy for the sport.

    Tell me to get real all you want “Mark,” but it doesn’t get any realer than the gunfire I dove from last night, and those bullets don’t change the affinity I have for Silver Lake.

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