Hollywood Bowl Policy?

Does anyone know if you can bring cameras into the Hollywood Bowl for concerts? I’m going to the music of the Lord of the Rings tonight and wanted to get a few shots for this here blog but don’t feel like schlepping it back down the hill if it’s a no go. Anyone?

8 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl Policy?”

  1. I don’t think it’s a problem. I’ve been able to take my camera in with me everytime I’ve gone & no one has ever said anything to me about it.

    And I KNOW that I wasn’t the only one taking photos of the can-can dancers from the Moulin Rouge last weekend…

  2. I was at the Bowl in July with Cybele and Susan for a World Electronica thing headlined by the Crystal Method and Cybele and I both had our digicams going without any hassle or hindrance. You should feel free to fire away and at will my friend.

  3. Ugh..

    Never sit in the cheap seats for a symphony at the Bowl… bah.

    babies crying, old men talking through the entire show, folks trying to whistle along with the music, kids smacking their gum and giggling.

    But still fun :)

  4. >Ugh..
    >Never sit in the cheap seats for a symphony at the Bowl… bah.

    Yeah. The last thing one should expose themselves to is the unwashed masses who are trying to spoil our cultural events. I wish they’re reinstate poorhouses so we could at least get some work out of them.

  5. Just to offer a different POV about the Bowl’s so-called cheap seats, some of my fondest memories of a poor kidhood in H’wood are walking to the Bowl from Holly Drive near Franklin and Cahuenga with my mom, making the big climb way up to the back, and enjoying Camp’s buttered beef steak sandwiches and Shasta sodas while whatever wonderful was being sent up from the stage way down below.

  6. Please, let me clarify…

    The other shows I’ve been to there… the ones with any sort of expected crowd interaction, I *love* being in a raucous venue. It’s just that for a symphony, a show that focuses on aural stimulation (hehe… aural stimulation) I’d actually like to be able to not be distracted.

    Perhaps the Bowl in general is just not a good place to see a symphony… this was the first time… I’m sure I’ll give it another shot sometime.

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