Can’t Live Without My Radio

Kevin and Michael tipped me off today to a new station on the air in LA. It seems that 93.5 FM flipped from a spanish language station to the legendary KDAY. For anyone who doesn’t know KDAY is a legend in rap and hip hop, it’s the first station to ever play NWA and things like that. When Howard went to commercial this morning I rushed over and programmed it into my car stereo right away. So far it seems pretty on point. Today I heard Slick Rick “Childrens Story”, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince “Parents Just Don’t Understant” as well as some OLD snoop dogg, KRS ONE, and others. Off to a very good start I’d say. I’m psyched anyway.

57 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without My Radio”

  1. I run an online radio station playing all 80s pop/rock/hairbands(poison crue whitesnake firehouse many many more)classic rock and some old 80s dance. I am loking for sponsors and the prices i have worked out are below dirt cheap. the money from any kindhearted sponsors would go right back into the station for prize giveaways and upkeep of my website and better equipment.
    So if there are any sponsors out there willing to take a chance on my station my email is posted above. Hope to hear from anyone soon.

  2. Please lose the the morning dj’s they suck. As for the Baker Boys lose them as well. Leave your the radio station the way is was – no dj’s!!!! I would rather have more commercials then these lame ass dj’s. I hope you are not paying.

  3. Please lose the morning dj’s, suck. As for the Baker Boys, they are no better. This radio station was so much better without these so called dj’s. I rather hear more commercials, then to listen to these lame ass dj’s. I hope you are not paying them. This is one listener you will be losing, if the dj’s stay.

  4. Now all we need is to bring back Bobby Jimmy and the Criters (A.K.A Russ Parr). Call up the station and ask for Bobby Jimmy. I used to like to hear him bag on people in the morning.

  5. Wow! KDAY really is the radio station for “Back In The Day” (No pun intended, Ahmad). Hope they have a time slot for Pocos Pero Locos. That is, if they’re willing to do it (I’m a Latino unfortunately who’s just gotten into the Latin/Chicano Rap genre thanks to Baby Bash’s single – how pathetic. Nobody better ask me how I got into anime).

    With that out of the way, I have a question: why was KDAY removed in the first place!?

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