LA fan buys entire section of Dodger Stadium, hoping for Bonds ball

“Michael Mahan figured it was worth spending $25,000 for baseball tickets — especially when it bought him the entire section at Dodger Stadium where he thought Barry Bonds’ 700th home run ball might land. But now it appears Bonds will reach that milestone in the coming days so Mahan, a lifelong Los Angeles fan, has been selling most of those tickets in the right-field pavilion at Dodger Stadium.”

Of course, he’s selling them at almost twice the discounted volume price he bought them for, and the Dodgers are threatening to allow fans into that section for free in retaliation. That’s what he gets for having anything to do with the stupid Giants. ;)

(Via Yahoo! Sports – MLB – Los Angeles Dodgers.)

3 thoughts on “LA fan buys entire section of Dodger Stadium, hoping for Bonds ball”

  1. Initially, after he bought the tickets, the Dodgers informed him, for all intents and purposes, that he couldn’t sit there alone. The Dodgers have a contract with the consession stands that x amount people will fill the seats.

    The Dodgers probably will let people in if that x amount isn’t filled, although I thought he was in the clear now.

  2. He probably thought the selling price of the ball would surpass the $25k he forked over. I agree with you–serves him right.

    I’ll be supporting the “stupid giants” and Barry tonight. As a female, Barry (and the views from SBC Park) are responsible for turning me into a baseball fan.

  3. He’s donating tickets to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. They’re $20 a ticket, proceeds go to BBBSLA, ball goes to him.

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