Geek And Ye Shall Find

ww.jpgLookee what arrived today. Yeah, itís a copy of ìJust A Geek,î the latest in what I hope will be a long line of books from fellow contributor and blog frontiersman Wil Wheaton. Itís been out for awhile but I finally ordered it online immediately after reading about it in this past weekís issue of Entertainment Weekly. Trouble was, EW hated it. In a lonely corner of the magazineís 83rd page under the header ìWhiner of the Weekî the few unbylined words dissed and dismissed him and his memoir, calling it one in which he’s “endlessly lamenting” that he used to be a child actor. So I wasted no time one-click ordering it from Amazon. Then the next thing I did was fire off an indignant letter to the magazine taking it to task for publishing such a reprehensible and shallow synopsis.

I met Wil briefly at the SENT phonecam art exhibit opening at the Standard Hotel last July and we chatted for a few minutes about day hikes and the joys of geocaching, but I donít know Wil personally. Instead, I know him best from what I’ve read on his popular blog, and heís shown me what a talented writer he is and how well he communicates so openly and honestly and touchingly and humorously about so many personal aspects of his life. Thus what I know of Wil as a creative entity couldnít help but conflict with what EW couldn’t care to find out.

So I bought his book in proud support of what he’s accomplished and also in protest of EW so flippantly firing upon it. However good, bad or otherwise I personally conclude “Just A Geek” to be, I’ll never forget that I’m holding in my hands the end result of an endeavor into which he poured his heart and soul and talent ó a risk-filled enterprise that to me will always merit the deepest consideration and the utmost respect.

6 thoughts on “Geek And Ye Shall Find”

  1. Good Christ man, buy him a drink first before you blow him in public. Did I miss your adoring piece on Pamela Anderson’s bioporn?


  2. Jacko,

    So is the “Treehorn” ref some homage to the buttwipe in “The Big Lebowski?” Because I’m thinking the shoe fits.

    Anyway, I can safely and confidently say you won’t have to suffer me scribing anything about Pamela Anderson’s attempt at a literary career ó but thanks for reading. Not so much for piggybacking such a lightweight lowbrow potshot to my post. I was hoping for a better throw-down of the gauntlet, but be heartened in knowing that at the very least your comment reminded me that kneejerk myopic hacks don’t just write for popculture rags. They can grow anywhere.

  3. ew people don’t read a book they talk about, i think. it’s like judging a book by the cover, or name, in some cases.

    and i usually happen to like the books that are usually criticized in reviews.

  4. The EW piece pissed me off – mainly because it’s complete bullshit. I’m very familiar with the content of Wil’s book, and I know for a fact that he doesn’t “endlessly lament” anything. It’s a good book, by a good writer, and I’m not saying that as a friend, I’m saying it as a book snob.

    And, as a contributor, I bet you can get it signed without having to stand in one of those pesky lines. ;)

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