Attacks at Gay Center Probed as Hate Crimes

The LGBT Resource Center's window was shattered in a series of attacks on the building. The police has classified the vandalism and burglary as hate crimes. Photo credit: JONATHAN HARNISH/daily bruin senior staffRonni Sanlo is one of my favorite people in the entire world because she is a wonderful & compassionate person (not to mention of all the important work she does for the LGBT community).

How does something like this happen at a place like UCLA?

I think I’m going to have to make a donation to the Center.

Daily Bruin article: Chain of attacks strikes resource center by Menaka Fernando, Daily Bruin Senior Staff (September 14, 2004)

The LGBT Resource Center was vandalized and burglarized in a series of attacks on Sunday and Monday nights in what university police has classified as hate crimes.

The resource center, located in the Student Activities Center, had a concrete rock thrown through a window Sunday night that caused additional damage inside the building. Then, assailants on Monday night stole rainbow flags that had draped the windows and an LGBT California flag. Both incidents are estimated to have occurred between the late evening and early morning hours, during which the center is closed.

Oh yeah, the L.A. Times wrote an article, too.

L.A. Times article: Attacks at Gay Center Probed as Hate Crimes
by Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer (September 15, 2004)

One thought on “Attacks at Gay Center Probed as Hate Crimes”

  1. >How does something like this happen at a place like UCLA?

    I imagine it’s because the sitting administration (of the US, not UCLA) and the neo-cons that have taken over the GOP and media personalities like O’Reilly and Limbaugh and Hannity and Savage have done everything they can to make it okay to be intolerant and abusive of people with less power than you. Polite dialogue and tolerance of others is going the way of the dodo if we don’t all step up to the plate and do something about it. Otherwise, it’s 1950 all over again.

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