A Shellfish Eater

Now this seems like a good enough of a reason if I’ve ever heard one to make way down to the Port of Los Angeles: The 2004 Lobster Festival. There will be over 12 tons of whole steam Main Lobster for $13 a pop from Friday thru Sunday this weekend ($5 admission fee with coupon on the website), a real bargain for anyone who wants to satiate their east coast shellfish addiction. Also included in the $13 meal is cole slaw, a roll, and some butter for slathering onto your meal. Additional menu items not included in the $13 meal but available at the festival are baked potatoes, roasted corn, Esbach sausages, chicken salads, crab and fish cakes, fresh squeezed lemondade, and shrimp fajitas.

The affordable lobster meal not enough to entice you down to the waterfront? How about a promise of a musical journey back in time, thanks to BellaDonnna, a tribute to Stevie Nicks? And the wayback machine doesn’t stop there: Led Zepplica will be providing entertainment Friday night for your dining (dis)pleasure. Personally, I would prefer to attend Saturday night for the Red Elvises. And for an 80’s flashback, Richard Blade and General Public will be in attendance and performing on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “A Shellfish Eater”

  1. Hey –
    Sorry to rain on the parade…
    But speaking as a San Pedro resident (5yrs)
    This may look fun.. sound great… etc.
    But, unless you like eating a lobster sitting on the side of a curb, batting off white trash kids and all the while listening to really bad 80’s schlock… this is definitely not worth the effort

  2. I do love Stevie Nicks and I might even love a cover version of Stevie Nicks.

    The fellow in the photo appears to be sitting in a chair – is it a stock photo? A stock lobster eating photo?

  3. eating a lobster sitting on the side of a curb, batting off white trash kids and all the while listening to really bad 80’s schlock..
    Haha, I think you might have inadvertently sold me more on the event :D

    Jalopy: Its actually a photo from the official website, but its pretty obvious is a staged photo and not someone actually attempting to eat 10+ lobsters.

  4. I am also a Pedran – by birth – though I now live, and blog, in SF. All street fairs have their share of street trash. But this street fair has lobster. Affordable lobster.

    Pedro is ALWAYS worth the drive.

  5. Well I attended the Friday show and had a great time. My lobster was a bit small but for the price, it was a bargain. The street performers added a great touch and were very talented. The music was great and the Stevie Nicks band was quite good. The Zeppelin band (Led Zepplica) was amazing. I saw Zeppelin at the forum and these guys pulled it off and brought back some great memories. Gregory, before you insult a great band like this, please investigate the facts before making an ass out of yourself.

  6. Vincent: I’m glad you had a good time, as I had hoped some other folk would be able to attend in my stead.

    But let me clear something: I was not insulting a “great band”. I just made a dual statement that listening to a Led Zepplin cover band could possibly be a negative to some as much as it is a positive to others, thus the parenthesis. Read it over and you can see I imply the possibility of either preference, as I know plenty of people who would love a Zepplin cover band as much as I could think of others who consider it hell. Just because you think they’re great doesn’t mean I would necessarily think so, and vice versa (and I personally think I’d love it cuz I’m fond of Page-Plant tunes). So I think I hardly made an ass of myself stating what basically comes down to personal preference. Seems like the only insulting going on is from yourself, my lobster loving commenter.

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