Thomas Campbell’s Sprout @ The Egyptian

Artist Thomas Campbell brings his new 16mm surf film Sprout to the Egyptian tonight. It looks amazing. Campbell is a hugely talented artist, and if the stills are any indication his visual sense has translated will to flim. Click the thumb for a larger version.

Egyptian Theater
Monday, Sept 13
Showing @ 9:00PM
$10, tickets available at the door
Pre-Screening Music by Neil Halstead (of Mojave 3)

6 thoughts on “Thomas Campbell’s Sprout @ The Egyptian”

  1. It was OK. The shots were beautiful most of the time but if you’re gonna do a film about surfing and try to pass it off as an art film there had better be more than nearly two hours of surfing as far as concept goes.

  2. That’s an interesing observation, Stephanie. I think, though, that it’s meant as a surf film more than an art film. Not a surf documentary ยท la Riding Giants or Endless Summer, but a surf film in the tradition of 50’s and 60’s “barnstorming” films. Which, to be honest, are basically just people surfing. Kind of like modern skate videos, just people skating.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t see it so I can’t really say.

  3. it is exactly that. a surf film. done in the traditional sense. and done really well, by the way. thomas doesn’t even care if anyone else sees it besides surfers. he made it for surfers.

    thomas also happens to be a photographer and artist, and a genius. so, the move into other realms of the film might not be so obvious, if you don’t understand his mindful ways and/or his art and/or his history.

    but, you should definitely see it. it’s great.

  4. Caught Sprout today at RESFEST and found it beautifully done! It never rushed itself like noted above, and I ultimately liked it for that fact. It was like a snapshot of a warm, lazy summer day. And damn if I didn’t love that soundtrack!

  5. Thomas Campbell is a free spirit. He surfs, he paints, he views the world and its occupants in there most beautiful forms. Sprout is basically his way of showing how beautiful surfing and its people are. He has also managed to outline so many subcultures and styles within surfing, and present them as equal forms of beauty and expression. Something that i dont think any one surf film has previously managed to do to the extent of Sprout.

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