bomb scare outside farmer’s market

I’m standing at the corner of Fairfax & 3rd. Fairfax is closed between 3rd & Beverly and there’s a bus pulled over on the side of the road. Some if the erstwhile bus passengers told me they were on the bus when a man told the bus driver he was “designating this bus” (whatever that means). He then got off the bus, but apparently he left an object or package behind. They pulled over and evacuated the bus and the bomb squad is on the way.

Happy 9/11

5 thoughts on “bomb scare outside farmer’s market”

  1. I drove by Farmer’s Market today, and it hadn’t been transformed into a smoky crater. So I’m assuming that it was a false alarm.

  2. Yesterday there was a bomb scare and evacuation at 7th & Fig. Attributed to a couple of suitcases left behind at the BofA ATM. Luckily they were only filled with clothes.

  3. A jillion pre-9/11 years ago, I returned from lunch to find the office closed by the bomb squad. A suspicious suitcase was found and they were going to blow it up before letting us back. Hours later, the elevator repairman returned to ask if anybody had seen his tools. He was crestfallen.

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