WUMPSKATE 1-Year Anniversary!

Maybe they'll let you in for free if you speak Nadsat! (But don't count on it, my droogs.)

Like me, do you prefer your roller without the disco (in favor of something a little more…harsh)? $6 cashmoneyamerican (including skate rental) will gain admission to the one-year anniversary of WUMPSKATE on Monday, September 13th at The World On Wheels at 4645 1/2 Venice Blvd. Happy birthday to them, indeed!

Before the event, you can even request songs here. Come on, you’ve got all weekend to put in your favorites! Knowing DJ Xian, you’ll probably even get to hear some of ’em!

3 thoughts on “WUMPSKATE 1-Year Anniversary!”

  1. Agreed, Jay!

    Xian, how did it go? I’m sorry we couldn’t make it, though I already explained why. We so very much want to make it in the near future, though!

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