The Sky Is Falling!

Heatwaves are one of those times when I wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest. Add witnessing spacecraft reentry to that list as well.

The Genesis spacecraft, which went to the sun and collected samples is returning to Earth, will put on a show tomorrow. Any of our readers from Elko, Nevada to Bend, Oregon may be able to catch a glimpse of it starting at 8:53 AM.

Check this map to see if you’re on the path – you should be able to view it if you’re within 100 miles of the path of reentry, it will be between 10-100 times brighter than Venus.

Won’t someone go out tomorrow morning and take some photos of it?

UPDATE: An even better map with freeways on it from

3 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling!”

  1. I’m bummed, too. But did I miss something? I know the parachutes are alleged not to have deployed properly, but if they had popped, the helicopters were needed for what reason?

  2. The helicopters were going to catch Genesis as it was sailing down on its parachute – to make sure it had a nice soft landing. I think there was even a Hollywood crew there filming it for possible use in a movie or something. I wonder if they got good footage of the plummet?

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