Insert Bad “Supreme” Pun Here

Looks like well known and highly respected NY skate shop Supreme is finally opening a new store right here in LA. The space is at Melrose/Fairfax and will feature a permanent, if smallish-looking, wood bowl for you to get busy in. Add in Brooklyn Projects’ little mini park right down the street and Melrose is shaping up to be quite a skate destination.

While the store itself opens on September 11, word on the street is that there’s an party on the 9th featuring special guest and insane graffiti/hip-hop legend Ramm:Ell:Zee. And when I say insane, I don’t mean “totally rad,” I mean “off to the booby hatch.” Worth checking out, if only for the potential for craziosity.

One thought on “Insert Bad “Supreme” Pun Here”

  1. I hear Supreme takes artist images (oh, let’s say someone’s famous photographs) and uses them without permission on their t-shirts. Not cool dudes.

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