Freeway Blogger Strikes!


Keep your eyes open around the freeways in LA today, as the FreewayBlogger is taking a stand in a big way. He’s putting up 100 hand-painted signs on every freeway he can get to. I’d expect to see them around the 10, 5, 405, 101, 110 etc. In addition to the obvious point of this, the underlying message is this is the work of ONE PERSON. If he gets all 100 of these signs up today, I’m guessing a few million people will read them. Not bad. It doesn’t compare to the sevens of people who read this blog EVERY SINGLE DAY! That’s Right! Take that Freeway Blogger!!

Even if you don’t agree with what he’s doing, you have to respect that determination. Me personally, I welcome this kind of thing. If I have to read a hundred signs between my house and my office, I’d rather read at least one that wasn’t trying to sell me something, and was put there by someone who actually cared about it.

If you see a sign, post in the comments, or better yet snap a picture and send it in.

6 thoughts on “Freeway Blogger Strikes!”

  1. I am with you brother! I think people forget this is a democracy and we have the right (if not the obligation) to step up and demonstrate about our political beliefs….and if street art is the only way to (cheaply) get into people’s heads….well then…yea!!!

  2. Dooooood! I saw one รณ two actually, but I was only able to snap a pic of one while heading southbound on the 5 Freeway after work today. It was posted on the pedestrian/bike bridge that spans the freeway between the L.A. River and the Griffith Park Rec. Center on Riverside Drive and Los Feliz Blvd. It was REALLY small and reads “Osama Who?”

    Here’s the pic:

    The second one was on the 110 South at the Sunset Blvd. exit just above downtown. It read something about the war being based on lies, but I passed by before I could snap it.

  3. thank you freeway blogger! I wish you would post those behind the orange curtian where theres a hornets nest of bush can do no wrongers.

    It might actually make a difference here.

  4. Caught one “The War is a Lie” sign yesterday afternoon on the northbound 2 approaching the 134 interchange. No pics, sorry…

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