LAX Shutdown?

There are a bunch of reports that LAX has been shut down due to security concerns. Of course, the reports are stupidly vague and night and day different depending on where you look. Instapundit says their was an explosion, but he seems to be the only one saying that. Everything else looks like…

LOS ANGELES 9.4.04,†10:15a†– Los Angeles International Airport was shut down early Saturday because of a possible security breach and a separate incident at an international terminal security screening station, an airport spokesman said.

No information was immediately available on the incident at Tom Bradley International Terminal, airport spokesman Harold Johnson said.

Officials also did not explain the possible security breach that shut down terminals 6, 7 and 8. The terminals are connected.

Flights were not being allowed to depart, but inbound flights were being allowed to land, said Paul Turk, spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. Passengers were not taken off the planes.

Traffic was being diverted from the airport.

UPDATE: Fox News has news on an “explosion” as well:

Viray had no additional information about the security breach but said the scare at the international terminal apparently came when a flashlight battery exploded as it was being screened by a†Transportation Security Administration (search)†worker.

“When it was going through screening, the TSA individual touched it and at that point it exploded,” she said.

She said the separate security breach happened around the same time in a terminal used by United Airlines.

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  1. Reuters mentioned something about a possible exploding flashlight. I wonder if these sites take each others’ information and use it without verification.

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