Meet Howard, Frances’s Surf Bum Braddah

Though you might not think it based on what’s going on in Florida right now, there is a positive aspect to a hurricane coming: big, fat, consistent surf. While Frances terroizes Floridians, surfers farther north are no doubt psyched about the sets that will be coming in. But thankfully for us here on the Left Coast, Frances isn’t the only game in town. Hurricane Howard is currently blowing up in the Pacific, and promises some serious surf over the Labor Day weekend. In fact, according to Wetsand we can expect eight to ten foot face heights at standout south facing breaks by tomorrow afternoon. That’s welcome news to local riders that have been suffering through an extremely slow June and August and I’m sure the X Games organizers are kicking themselves that they didn’t wait until after the Olympics to come get all X-Treme on LA.