12 thoughts on “Hold up lunchbox!”

  1. I saw that dude a few weeks escorting a funeral procession! Had I known where I was and not been trying to follow other people who didn’t know where they were going I would’ve taken many photos. I was astounded.

  2. Don’t you guys GET it? He’s not a cop! He’s the famous for it dude that dresses up and pretends he’s a cop and follows funeral processions….especially in Forest Lawn. Sweet guy thought. Loves his whistle. Some people pay him now to accompany the dead.

  3. Funeral escorts do not have to be legit law enforcement (as if that wasn’t clear from the freakin’ suspenders Rerun’s sporting in the picture there). It’s a cottage industry for guys who sport some semblance of uniform, a Kawasaki 1000 Police Special (or similar), and a working knowledge of death processions.

  4. Thank god! I was seriously worried the state of law enforcement had sunk to a new low. Not that I have anything against this guy but if he had to chase down the guy that just harmed my family I’d be filing a complaint.

  5. I LOVE the idea of rentafuneral cops, for that matter rentawhatever…..although sadly, when you think of it in societal(is that a word?) terms, that’s kinda what we’ve evolved into. Rather than an extended family/friends community who help eachother out, we now pay people to listen to our troubles (shrinkage), arrange our marriages (match.com), watch our babies (nannies), keep our bodies fit (trainers, yoga classes) it’s endless when you start pondering it.

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