What If The LAPD Held A DUI Sweep And Nobody Came?

So in perusing the LAPD website for info on the murder that took place a block from my house yesterday, I also found another press release there that lets me know our city’s law enforcement organization is having issues with that whole “element of surprise” concept:

Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoint Notification
On September 3, 2004, the Los Angeles Police Department√≠s West Traffic Division will be conducting a sobriety/driver license checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard…

The release goes on to state that the purpose of the checkpoint is to reduce the number of accidents involving intoxicated and/or unlicensed drivers and boy howdy don’tcha know I’m all for that. But here’s a thought the LAPD brass oughta mull around: don’t shine such a spotlight on the exact location, date and time of the checkpoint and you might just snare more sobriety-challenged and/or license-deficient morons who will now be damn well sure to swerve shitfaced around some other part of town.

6 thoughts on “What If The LAPD Held A DUI Sweep And Nobody Came?”

  1. Yeah, those drunks are tricky. . .always checking the police website before they hop in the car. . .

  2. Criminals are stupid. (I’m a product manager for fingerprint identification systems. We make a lot of money selling them.)

    Drunk criminals are even more stupid.

    I always thought that the pre-announcement of the sobriety checkpoints was some sort of civil liberties ploy thingie. I guess there’s a fear that if the police actually do their job and stop people without ANY warning, it’s entrapment or some such.

  3. These checkpoints are posted to allow the people who live in the community to avoid the traffic snareups they cause. It’s the out of towners who get drunk and drive home long distances that cause problems. If a couple local drunks get away, good for them.

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