Train vs. Pedestrians

Leave it to Eric to cut to the chase on the 62nd person to get killed by a metro train.

That number sounds a lot worse than it is, and the people who like to use this as fodder to hold against Metro are really abusing the facts. These accidents are almost exclusively the result of people failing to obey the appropriate warning signals. Everyone thinks they can beat the train, but the truth is you really can’t. It’s really big, and it moves pretty fast.

7 thoughts on “Train vs. Pedestrians”

  1. I was on the train after the one that hit the pedestrian on Wednesday. All trains were delayed for at least an hour. I agree, I fought the train and the train won…

    No blame on Metro. But, I wish they would figure out a way to sort these incidents out more quickly. I do not see the need for a huge investigation into these matters when it is pretty obvious what the cause of death was. And, my guess is at least a thousand or more people are affected by the delays that arise from them.

  2. What do you want them to do, Justine? Drive the trains over the bodies?

    They have to cut the power, get a working crew to the area (sometimes on foot), locate the body parts (yes that’s plural parts), body bag them, clear the area, restore power.

    I think 1 hour inconvenience for 1 person’s death is bearable, considering the circumstances. Have a little respect.

  3. Andy, I was gonna let your comments go… But, no I do not feel sorry for stupid ass people on a suicide mission or that think they can out run a (100 ton train – guess, I am sure someone will correct me.) And respect for someone who didn’t mind that a 1000 people including children had to see the mess of their bloody body parts laying around?

    Ride the Blue Line Andy, and about once a week you too can get the experience. Most of the accidents are not even reported.

  4. Justine… no corrections, but I would humbly suggest that if it’s time for Andy to ride the Blue Line, it might be time for you to get off because it seems like it’s making you disrespect life and devalue things like compassion, decency,and humanity. I can greatly appreciate your frustration stuck in the aftermath of these horrible accidents, but I can also appreciate that those who have been killed are more than just victims of their poor judgment. They’re human beings.

  5. Justine, what about a little feeling for somebody who is so blue, they feel that killing themself is the only way out?

    What about that person’s family; would they not want their lost one treated with respect and dignity?

    You come across as someone who might trample over someone who tripped over a loose drain cover in front of you? I’m sure you’re not, but that is how you appear from your comments

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