A Death In the Afternoon

Heading south on Silver Lake Boulevard yesterday afternoon I found Parkman Avenue festooned with police tape and police officers all the way up to Sunset Boulevard. Hostage situation, perhaps? Nah, the cops were tense but casual, none with guns drawn or behind cover. Onlookers prowled the perimeter. Returning from an errand about an hour later and heading east on Sunset, I crossed Parkman (one short block from my street) and saw a detective examining a fence in the parking lot behind Tom’s Burgers. mem.jpgJust beyond Parkman I caught in my periphery a telltale white sheet covering a body in the driveway.

Finding nothing in today’s L.A. Times (no surprise), I hit the LAPD website and found the following press release: “Man Shot and Killed in Parking Lot”. This morning I drove down Parkman from Sunset. Cops and tape were all gone. In their place on the sidewalk were three seven-day candles burning around a small bouquet.

4 thoughts on “A Death In the Afternoon”

  1. Caryn and I saw this on the way home last night and I was planning on posting about it tday. There were two coroner’s vans there when we drove by around 6:30 PM. Crazy…

  2. Not to jump to conclutions, but there’s been a big spike in gang tags around the neighborhood recently too (I wanted to get a picture of the big fence on silverlake blvd west of parkman but haven’t had a chance) , I wonder if there’s any connection?

  3. I think there might be a corelation between the shooting and the rise in tagging in the vicinity. It’s getting really bad of late รณ as little as three days ago there was even a cross-out tag on the corner of Occidental and Sunset. Never a good sign.

    During a late-late night last week somewhere on Silver Lake Boulevard south of Sunset I was jolted by five small-caliber gunshots following by a tire-squeeling getaway.

    There’s a war on out there.

  4. Thanks for the post Will. I was wondering what was up yesterday with the helicopters circling for hours. Russ told me that he saw the police tape and stuff, but couldn’t glean what was going on.

    It’s nice to know where to go for that info – I saw the ABC 7 helicopters and figured I’d turn on the news at 5 to see what was up … 90 minutes of news later and I still had no clue (and the helicopter was still going round and round).

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