Trees for a Green LA program

Although I am a renter, I do fancy trying to colour my thumb green by spending time in a small garden area allotted to our humble abode we’ve just moved into. Grand plans for a minor space, as I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that you don’t invest time, effort and money just because you’re renting. Quality of life is only lifted by the quality of effort. So I’ve been digging, weeding, trimming overhanging branches, sifting and picking out thousands of pine needles, and trying not to bother a resident skunk all in the hope of creating my own Hanging Gardens of Babylon in a space roughly the size of a large bathroom. Lo and behold, the city of Los Angeles will actually help me realize this dream of a backyard oasis with their Trees for a Green LA program. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rewards participants of their program with an absolutely free tree(s), delivered right to your doorsteps after attending a workshop with “a trained neighborhood forester about proper tree selection, siting and planting techniques, and draft a site-specific plan based on your residence.” The start of an Ewok village awaits….

One thought on “Trees for a Green LA program”

  1. thanx for the rec!
    despite a notable, year-long “green power frustration”,
    (i’ll spare us all from elaboration),
    i am still hesitant to indulge in even a modicum of optimism.

    and, so:
    have you actually received the alleged tree(s)?

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