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“Over the past two weeks I have had the most terrible experience with SBC I’ve ever heard about. I know that SBC isn’t the best company when it comes to customer service, and I’ve come to expect that. In fact, SBC has greatly improved the attitude of their customer service representatives, the are friendly and work at being genuinely helpful. However, they do not deliver results to match…”

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  1. I updated this story today with new developments that unfolded this morning. After my order got cancelled it got uncancelled. So I had to go and cancel it again. This whole experence has been great fun. Hopefully this is the end of it.

  2. I signed up for the SBC email bill service and then I tried to get the automatic bill payment service. I sent in my automatic bill payment paper at least 4 times and they would never receive it, etc. Every time I would send them an email and tell them what happened, give them the void check number I sent in, etc. Nothing ever got fixed and they would send me the automatic bill payment form again to send in! Finally this summer I sent them a nasty email and told them I wanted to start receiving a paper bill again. Now they are sending me a paper bill again and they keep on calling me wondering why I won’t sign up for automatic bill paying service! I think trying from November to June to get automatic bill service is more than enough waste of my time. They never cared and they never tried to help me at all so I just gave up.

  3. Yes, SBC lack of service does suck bigtime. They have an automated cop-out response for almost everything. They have customer reps. that tell you one thing and don’t fill the orders correctly. This company is tooo big and needs to be investigated for improper practices.

    The FCC should move in and confiscate all of their recorded conversations with dis-satisfied customers and do a formal investigation.

  4. This month I have paid twice for my SBC service through e-billing. Seems like the first one did not take, so I tried again. I am waiting to see if it worked this time or if I am billed twice. What’s wrong, SBC?

  5. I have had nothing but troubles with SBC since I signed up with them, and that was 5 days ago. If I didn’t rely on them I would organize a boycott.

  6. Still trying to figure out what happened to your bill, money, and why they don’t call or can’t take care of small things?

    Well SBC personnel are too busy figuring out their days off, vacation, taking it easy job…while having a good pay with all the benefits. Have you ever seen a former Pacific Bell or SBC employee sweating? Better yet even the field guys never sweat under 100 degrees heat. Remember seeing these guys driving 50 mph on a 65mph freeway. It’s you who needs to sweat, not them.

    Ha! Down sizing? Don’t kid yourself, to them that means it’s time for them to figure out how much of your money have they collected for their easy retirement.

    The poor public doesn’t know how this particular utility company gets away with all these.

    SBC always makes things happen, just like CINGULAR, another monstrous milking machine con, it even swallowed the giant AT&T.

    The average people will pay and keep on watching.

    The majority will pay even more and still say what happened?

    Everyone is getting ripped. The sad part is you can’t do anything about it.

    The worse part is you can’t beat them, and you can’t joint them either!

    They’ll make a phone bill so you can never understand. You pay, that’s it! OR….

    Now that’s POWER!

  7. so Im not the only one billed multiple times in a cycle, then threatened to have my service disconnected with penalty if I don’t pay three times as much as im supposed to. I work double shifts almost every day, I don’t have time to fight with them.yaaaay!

  8. trust me people. i work there as management and it’s no picnic. i like the post before this where the person assumes we all have these great easy jobs… trust me the truth is that it sucks there… they treat their employees like crap. especially management. employee morale is so low… they treat us all like criminals and assume we’re lying if you call out sick or need temporary disability. they constantly threaten us with emails and have tried to transform all of us into salespeople. so you refer a friend and they drive them nuts because their service is horrible. the friend gets mad at me and then i have to hear about it. they make everything hard for employees and you can’t find one person who likes their job. that is sad. you’d be surprised when I tell you we don’t get any office supplies and they are on us to not spend a dime on anything. Paper, staples, print toner, you name it. Our benefits as management are lousy and have skyrocketed bigtime. meanwhile our ceo has a safari with zebras in his back yard. that’s how it is there. customers and employees get screwed.

  9. Well hearing from an unhappy SBC employee would explain the crappy service. SBC is one screwed up operation. They have bitten off more than they can chew and have since purchased what is left of AT&T, from what I’m hearing to acquire the AT&T name. So anyone who migrated their local phone service to AT&T, this is a heads up.

    These knuckleheads try to woo you back when you switch to another carrier for supposedly $19.99 and get a few junk features on your phone. Amazingly, $19.99 always ends up to be $42 and some change every month.

    Why do I want to pay $43.00 a month for a piece of crap land line that does nothing for me? Best to use Vonage broad band phone service for $24.99 plus tax per month and get UNLIMITED long distance all over the US and Canada.

    This company seems to forget competition is out there until you threaten to leave and then do. These representatives in Michigan are idiots. I’m a native here and moved to Florida. I am convinced a majority of these people in Michigan are a bunch of backward assed, anal retentive inbreds. And these nasally whiny, wimpy accents? Glad I lost mine! LOL! Screw SBC!

  10. I got SBC service in San Antonio, now I get frequent calls from debt collectors for the last user of the number. The calls are non stop. I called SBC to complain why they issued me a “bad” number, but their customer service for complaints was “out to lunch”, their website has no link for complaints, and when you call they shove you through a maze. I hate SBC. Their customer service is the worst. It’s better to file a complaint with the local Justice Center and force them to come to the table.

  11. I worked for that evil empire for 5 years. I hated every minute of it. The company is afflicted with “terminal corporate arrogance”. The company does not employ customer service reps, they have sales reps only. Well, they also have collections reps. I never worked in collections, but I would guess that they are treated as badly as the sales reps are. I eventually went out on stress related disability and the company fired me. I now work for a different business that is in a different universe entirely. I had forgotten what it is like to be human being.

    There are employees and ex-employees suing the SBC ogre for a variety of reasons. If anyone reading this post, works for, or has previously worked for SBC, please shop around for a law firm to handle a suit by you. It may be difficult to find a firm willing to take on the giant, but they are there. We found one. A class action suit may also be a viable course of action. Check for firms specializing in class action suits.

  12. I’m a current AT&T management employee and I’m scared outta my wits to be retained by SBC, but I need the benefits. I can’t believe how backwards they are compared to AT&T (good ole boy corporate culture and, I hear, no working from home). All I hear are negative things about the way they treat their employees (like naughty children or criminals). I’d hate to throw away a 20+ year career, but I don’t know if I can work for that evil company. Their deep pockets and the stupid FCC really screwed things up for us. :(

  13. I had SBC for the past six years for my small buisness. When we recently decided to move 2 miles away to a larger space, I thought I had done our homework.

    I checked with the current tentant to ensure that SBC DSL was available. I called SBC DSL one week before our move to ensure our service would be available when we moved. The customer representative set-up our new account. Two weeks later.. still no service. I called SBC DSL and they told me “We have decided not to provide service in that area.”

    Well, I am floored. I am surrounded by other small buisness and can see downtown from my window. But what really made me furious was their lack of concern made evident by the fact no one ever called me to inform me! Broadband is crucial to my business and they acted like this was not a big problem and actually asked me if I wanted dial-up!

    One call to Earthlink and I had service in 7 days. Granted I have had in the past many issues with SBC DSL (i.e. double billing), but this is the last straw. Now that I have DSL set-up, I will switch my phone service from SBC.

  14. Try this for SBC arrogance: We signed up for home phone sevice, but they screwed up the address and billing info. When we called it to their attention when they sent the “conformation” info, they informed us they had to cancel that order and submit a new one. They did, service was established and we paid our bills on time as always. Durring a routine credit report check I discovered a “past due” bill in “collections”, something we have never had in over 50 (yes, fifty) years. After immediate investigation with the collection agency we discovered it was an SBC bill, and you guessed it….it was for the service they never completed nor ever billed us for. Here the fun begins…I contacted SBC and they said “we have no control over this issue, it is all with the collection agency” ! I explained what happened and they basically gave me the bum’s rush and have repetedly refused to accept any responsibility in the situation. In the meantime, even though we paid the bill to get it out of collections, we were denied a home loan based on the “collection” efforts reflected in our credit report. I’m looking for an attorney ! Any one else had a problem like this??

  15. I laughed reading this post because I am also a management employee for SBC and it is a horrible company to work for. I see that sentiment echoed throughout this post. One of the comments I could’ve sworn was written by me as I feel the same way. I feel so sorry for those AT&T employees who liked their job. SBC treats their employees (especially management) with zero respect and you will hate them. I promise that. I was part of a smaller phone company that was swallowed up by SBC and since that time things have gone to crap. I work there but have many issues with that company on almost every level. I’m an easy going person and they really piss me off. Horrible company to work for. Benefits suck, no supplies, no sick time, they think we are all criminals, don’t spend a dime, meanwhile our CEO who hasn’t done anything for the stock price has zebras in his back yard. Gimme a break. I wouldn’t refer my worst enemy for their service either as that sucks as well! If you’re a customer I recommend you leave SBC and if your an employee like me, I recommend you only look out for yourself. The executives only care about themselves so please treat them with the same respect that they give you. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And they lead by example so *&^% them!!

  16. I’m glad to read all this, I thought I was going crazy. I recently moved to a new apartment, and a number of my bills got scrambled in the move — then, in December, I went away over Xmas and before I went I made sure that absolutely every bill on my desk was paid. I stopped the mail for three weeks, and when I came home there was a disconnect notice from SBC. They are claiming that I have NEVER paid anything on this account, ever. I tried to get through to a HUMAN and all I could get was an automated message system. The delay is so long that the battery on the phone is dead, and I still can’t talk to anybody.

  17. I have had the worst time with sbc. They have the most worst coustmer service I have ever seen. You get transfered 10 times only to be told something diffrent each time. I paid My bill. Then my internet and phone was disconected. Then the told me it would not be a probelm getting it back on since it had not been over 30 days. Then after calling a diffrent day cause phone nor internet was not back on. That we had to have a credit card to get it back on. also was told my bill was for $200.00 then Told i had a credit of $50.00 the paid $150.00. Then told it was only $111.00. Know after getting it on and had it a week now. was sent a bill for $161.00 For early termanation. saying it was under a vontract that we knew nothing about.

  18. Ive been a sbc technician for 26 years, and can confirm what the other employees are saying. sbc is the worst managed company I know of. My new supervisor doesnt have a clue what I do for a living, and yet he gets to evaluate my work quarterly. Customer service is non existant. Employee satisfaction/loyalty also is non existant. I have too many examples of how bad this company is. One word- – -boycott.

  19. I agree with Frank. I have been an SBC employee in customer service for over 8 years. While the benefits are still good at this point the treatment of hourly employees sucks! You get the vacation time and all that but they have little to zero tolereance for sick days and if you are sick anf have to be off you HAVE to file for FMLA or use your vacation days. In addition to that I have had managers standing at the door as I was trying to get in before being late looking at their watches. It took nearly 3 years to get some type of flez time in my department. It is a very hard company to work for and I am searching for better now. It used to be about the pay but now flexibilty and peace of mind takes priority. P.S. I was out on stress leave and the outpatient hospital I was at for therapy was full of SBC employees. Therapist said that we keep them in business.

  20. What is up with a SBC 12 month contract for internet service. A contract is like saying we know are service sucks and that after a few months you will want to leave, so we are going to force you into a contract

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