Do You Love Bees? How about Alternate Reality Games?

The Halo 2-related ARG that’s been running for the past few weeks is hitting a crucial point tomorrow, with players instructed to go to over 160 separate locations across the country to await…something. What could it be? Who knows? You’ll have to show up to find out.

There are 9 location and time combinations here in Los Angeles. They are:

9:32 @ 2604 Main St, Santa Monica
10:08 @ 282 N Doheny Dr, Beverly Hills
11:11 @ 2nd & Colorado, Santa Monica
13:47 @ 2604 Main St, Santa Monica
16:03 @ 551 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
16:11 @ 6302 W 3rd St (The Grove)
16:15 @ 403 Hilgard Ave, Westwood
17:15 @ 741 N 1st St, Burbank
17:39 @ 6927 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

Get caught up here, here or here, as this looks like it’s just the beginning of a wild ride.

**UPDATE** Tech TV will be covering the 11:11am event in Santa Monica. Go check it out if you can. Also, here’s a great recap of the sotry so far, from the lead in-game character.

10 thoughts on “Do You Love Bees? How about Alternate Reality Games?”

  1. Should I be worried about the fact that I didn’t know about ARG before? Secretly I am of course completely intrigued by it and the master geeks behind these kind of things! Is anyone planning to go tomorrow?

  2. I’ve heard some speculation that the master geeks (or Puppet Masters, as they’re called in ARG lingo) could include some of the folks that were behind the AI Game from back in 2001.

    I’d say catch up on the story as much as you can, but don’t let it keep you from going to one of the sites. This most likely is just the start of the game, so this is a perfect time to jump in.

    Oh, and you might need a code word…

  3. hrm. the 11:11 event was missed according to the ilovebees update page. great techtv coverage there…

    i would have gone, as i live in santa monica, but i read about it at around 11:04

  4. there’s another one in Santa Monica at 1:47. But check the GPS coordinates – I may not have the correct address. But it’s somewhere near the corner of Main and Ocean Park.

  5. I drove past the 11:11 event (it was at the pay phones outside McDonalds on 2nd/Colorado). No TV coverage then but it was about 10 minutes before the time. I saw a group of teenage boys standing there. I guess I am way too old and of the wrong gender to assimilate into this with my/their honor intact.

  6. I’m too old too. I don’t care. I want to do the Grove event– anyone know where the damn payphones are at the Grove?!!!

  7. nevermind: found it. the coordianates on the game site map to the corner of ogden and 3rd, which is across from the old farmer’s market, in front of the whole foods parking lot. (alas, on a busy street, too). I’ll probably pop by on my bike because I live right down street and, oh yeah… I have somehow turned into a giant nerd. ;-) oh well! see you there!

  8. If I lived and/or worked in the city, and if I had more time, I would definitely play. It looks like a lot of fun. Or I’m just a big huge geek.

    Kudos on the obscure Simpsons reference, BTW.

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