Keep that noise down you crazy kids! I’m ironing my skirt up here!

Tomorrow begins the Sunset Junction Festival, taking place literally at my doorstep. I hear that it’s a rollickin’ good time, with three – count ’em THREE whole stages full of rowdy good-time musics. Ashford and Simpson, X, IMA Robot, Camper Van Beethoven (!) and the previously-blogged Sweet and Tender Hooligans are just some of the acts that you can hear from my apartment over the weekend.

One thing I’m looking forward to is checking out the Utilikilts booth. I plan to proudly wear my utilikilt (Mocker, Olive) on Sunday and bring manly greetings to the other members of the Utiliclan. Boys, get down there and try ’em on – you won’t be sorry you did. And girls, make your boys go down and get one. You REALLY won’t be sorry.

8 thoughts on “Keep that noise down you crazy kids! I’m ironing my skirt up here!”

  1. Last year Caryn and I listened to Circle Jerks from our front pourch, this time I think we’re going to actually walk down to see X. That’s assuming I don’t get fed up with it and bolt. I hate street fairs.

  2. I went a couple of years ago and found it to be way too crowded for me to comfortably enjoy the bands or even, like, move. Maybe I was just too sober.

  3. I went tonight, and it would have been A LOT more fun had I not listened to my friend who said we didn’t need to buy tickets to take the metro there. We totally got busted by the subway police for “fare evasion”, and apparently the fine is like $250 (we find out the details in the mail). I’m new to L.A., but I think I learned my lesson. From now on if I ride the metro, I’ll have a ticket.

  4. Jay, you’ve got picture of you wearing a KILT? Maybe I WASN’T wrong, when I thought you were gay!

  5. Nothing gay about kilts. :/ Though I prefer traditional tartan to utilikilts.

    Lisa, I once was ticketed for fare evasion too. I had taken the metro from Antelope Valley to Union Station several times without anyone ever checking if I had a ticket. So one time, I was late getting to the station, and it was either jump on board the departing train without a ticket, or wait an hour for the next train. So I hopped on without a ticket…and I got busted. I think it cost me $75, but that was over five years ago.

  6. I’ve never intentionally evaded paying the fare, but I’ve been tempted. Like the time none of the ticket machines would take my dollar, and the change machine was out of service. I had to leave the station to find a place that would give me change, but it was still preferable to dealing with the fare hunters.

    I know a guy who takes the subway downtown every day and he never bothers paying. He’s never gotten caught, either. I guess he digs adventure! But it’s just a matter of time…

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