Zip Fusion Sucks

Not that it should be surprising to anyone since “fusion” crashed and burned years ago, but this place officially blows goats. I’m talking about Zip Fusion Sushi downtown. I’ve been there a few times and it’s never been wonderful, in fact the service has always sucked in a big way but the food has been digestable at least. Last night I went there with a group of 6 people since it was close, and all of us had been there before and it just seemed like an OK spot to go. Here’s two of the reasons I’ll never go there again.

zip.jpg– To prevent any kind of problem, on Tuesday I called and made reservations for 6 at 8pm for our dinner on Friday. We showed up at 8 and this is the table they had for us. One small two person square table pushed up against one small two person round table. And yes, two people were expected to sit where the gaps were. We asked if there was another option since this would be very uncomfortable and were told no, that all the other tables were already reserved. So two people in our group had to put their drinks on one table, food on another and sit sideways to avoid the table legs. Additionally there was a large table with six chairs right behind us that no one ever sat at.

– When ordering drinks I asked if the $3 “bottled water” on the menu was San Pelagrino or some kind of sparkling water and the waitress said yes. So I ordered it. She brought me a sports bottle of Crystal Gyser. I’m not a water snob, but I’m not going to pay $3 for something that costs $0.50 at 7-11. Since three other people at the table had ordered an iced tea, I asked if I could replace the water with an iced tea. No problem. Appitizers started showing up, but no iced tea. Then a round of refills for everyone else, so I assumed there was some mix up and ordered again “Can I have an iced tea?” No problem. Food starts showing up, but no iced tea. I order again. Finally she bought it, but never refilled anyones drinks again, even though we asked for refills 3 more times.

There’s more, but you get the point.

For an added laugh, call them before 5pm and listen to their answering machine tell you that “Zip Fusion is the most happening place in all of downtown LA!”

4 thoughts on “Zip Fusion Sucks”

  1. Hey, it does sound like a pretty happening place (for people who enjoy being treated like fingernail dirt)! Maybe they should hire Don Rickles to be the maitre d’.

  2. the service has sucked since the day they opened!

    though, i don’t think it’s an ” i’m to hip” issue. it’s an “i’m to stupid and not trained” issue. i’ve complained to the owner many a time and he always wants to comp our meal or buy us drinks. he is really apologetic about the service but still never hires anyone good. i keep telling him i don’t want a free meal i want good service.

    so sean. how long did it take to get your check?

  3. not that you asked for an alternative, but i hereby cast my vote of endorsement for “east”. (on 1st street in little tokyo, halfway down the block from the japanese american national museum, opposite the miyako inn.)

    plus: if you like salmon, this is the place for you on mondays. “salmon monday” offers quality* salmon specials at rca-victor-dog-head-tilting prices. (they’re not clearing out surplus from the weekend.)
    if you do go on a monday, be advised that the word is already out.

    *tho’ i am vegetarian, i’ve been reassured that my visually-based opinion is valid.

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