Vote Bruce Campbell for Superman!


Defamer has been all over the trials-and-tribulations of getting the new Superman movie off the ground. The biggest problem being finding the perfect leading man (isn’t Hollywood tough?) Well, with my years of movie producing experience, I have graciously solved this problem for the executives at WB.

The new man of steel should be…Bruce Campbell! He’s handsome, has that square jaw, already has experience in fighing evil, and is totallly down with Spiderman’s Sam Raimi (doesn’t that get him some comic book movie cred?) OK, so I don’t know if he can fly but I, for one, think that he could save Superman from becoming another Catwoman.

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8 thoughts on “Vote Bruce Campbell for Superman!”

  1. Frankly, I’d love to see Tom Welling in the big-screen version. He pulls off the character so well in the show.

    And while I am a big Bruce fan, I think he’s kinda getting a bit old for a role like this.

  2. I knew someone would mention age! Nic Cage was supposed to be Superman and that dude is no spring chicken. I agree about Tom Welling but if I had to cast my vote right now it would be for the fab BC.

  3. I’m inclined to believe that Gyllenhall indeed was never on the list. Christ, he doesn’ even look like Superboy, much less Superman.

    Bruce is awesome. Bruce has the look (which IS important…sorry Mike Keaton: who I also like a lot) But Bruce isn’t Superman. Tom Welling is beautiful, but he just can’t emote, and on top of it, he doesn’t want to do it (from what I remember). And I dont blame him. That role would be incredibly hard to live down. Especially when your acting is so mediocre.

    I got nothin as far as suggestions.

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