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Well, not really my backyard but Michael’s. However I get along with him pretty well so I’m sure if I showed up homeless and destitute someday he’d let me set up a cardboard box or some kind of pup-tent back there so then it would kind of be my backyard. But that’s not the point. Seems he convinced his wife that having a bunch of random bloggers over was a good idea and he’s sending out an open invite for the Saturday after next.

There are some ground rules:

1) You need to be a blogger, or at least arrive with a bonafide blogger.
2) You must agree to wear a nametag. People want to know who you are and nametags let that happen. All the cool kids are wearing them.
3) You must not be stupid. This is my home and my wife is graciously letting me get away with a yet another kooky scheme.

Sounds like fun. If you can make it come say “Hi” – I’ll be the guy with the nametag that says “Tony Pierce.”

5 thoughts on “Blog My Backyard”

  1. Wow, a Blog Party! This takes me back to early 80s when a friend of mine who was all into BBS took me to a “computer picnic” where you actually get to meet these people face-to-face. It wasn’t pretty. It was pretty geeky/freaky! They were all like pimply 14-17 year-olds or scary married thirtysomethings with long hippie hair and tie-dyed clothese. We all stood in a ring while the married couple’s snake ate a rabbit let loose from a cage. Will your party be like this?

  2. We’re in LA Stephanie. pimples are banned by the city and everyone here is beautiful. Didn’t you know that already? Now where are my Man-Uggs and home botox kit? I gotta get ready for the shindig!

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