California is a state of mind

Any other day, if I arrived at work breathing heavily, coated in a sweaty sheen, hair sticking out crazily in all directions, shoes covered in dirt and dust, and blood streaming down my leg…well, I and my coworkers would be very worried about my state of mind.

When it’s a day I’ve just ridden my bike 11-12 miles to get there, my coworkers still question my sanity, but I feel a lot better about myself. :) I’m just glad I live in Southern California where I can do this sort of thing year round–barring earthquakes, West Nile mosquito attack-swarms, or “ash days” during wildfire season when you don’t just see or taste the air, you also wash the air off your body when you get home.

The blood, by the way, is from gouging my calf on one of the pedals, and not from fighting off some rabid pack of dogs or something, although I was thinking of trying to pass it off as an X-Games injury.

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