Wanna Outlaw Those Damn SUV’s?

Like many, I believe there is a special circle of hell reserved for SUV owners. It’s not so much the ridiculous gas mileage, as it is that when you are behind one of these tanks, there no way to see anything going on in front of them, making driving a much more dangerous pasttime. And really, who needs to haul THAT much stuff. So yes, when I see one of those 4-toed sloths change lanes and almost take out three other cars, my righteous indignation begins to flare and I dream of legislation.

Well, according to Slate, California may have already unknowingly banned them.

Is there such thing as giving a Citizen’s Ticket?

6 thoughts on “Wanna Outlaw Those Damn SUV’s?”

  1. A friend of mine recently pointed that out to a nearby cop when he spotted an H2 parked on the street in Pasadena. The cop then smiled like a kid at Christmas and went over and gave the H2 a ticket.

  2. Seriously, Koga? That’s awesome! I’ll bet they’ll try and fight the ticket, but we all know what happens, then…

  3. One question that always irritates me is the excuse that SUV owners who claim they need these monsters because they “haul” things. I am always curious to know how often they “haul” things, and if it wouldn’t be more practical to just rent a truck for your occassional “hauling” needs. I am sure there are some who really do carry loads of stuff other than grocery bags or kids, but it seems that the vast majority are hauling their egos more often than anything else.

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